Food Bulk Bags

In the market for sand bags? Not sure what exactly they’re for, and how to use them? We’re here to help! FlexSack by ABC Polymer supplies two main “types” of sand bags: bulk sand bags and small sand bags.

FlexSack specializes in supplying top-tier food-grade FIBCs, which are essential for packaging and transporting a diverse array of food items such as rice, nuts, sugar, and flour. We prioritize public safety by strictly adhering to rigorous manufacturing standards, which ensures that our bags remain pristine and free from contaminants when they arrive. Partnering closely with our manufacturer, we uphold all international benchmarks for production quality and safety.
From transporting grains to storing spices, our durable and flexible bulk bags guarantee seamless handling and storage, preserving the freshness and quality of your products. Our reps will even take the time to ask you about your packaging set-up and machines to ensure that the bags being used are the best possible option for your space.

100% virgin raw materials

Pest control procedures

Ultrasonic cutting

Heat cutting


Food Grade Quality Guarantee

Each of our Food Grade bulk bags is:

Vacuumed inside and out and reviewed on a light table to prevent contamination

Inspected with a metal detector for safety

Flat-stitched inside and out for double strength

Common Bag Specifications:

For the food industry, our recommendations will be based on the intended application. We manufacture bulk bags in a wide range of specifications to fit the needs of every customer. 

When considering different options, we recommend taking into account breathability, lining, and coating. If moisture protection is required, we recommend polyethylene lined and foil-lined bags.  Regardless of the type of bag your application requires, all our bags will arrive clean and free of contaminants.

ABC Polymer Industries and its manufacturers guarantee that the raw materials used in the manufacturing of all FIBCs comply with the following recommendations and statutory regulations:  

{FlexSack} was able to take something that I thought was just a commodity, that was something generic, and came in, asked the right questions and really made me think about problems that I have that I really didn’t even know that I had. AND they helped come up with wonderful solutions. 

Steven P.

FlexSack Customer of X years

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