Sand Bags 101: For Industrial Use

In the market for sand bags? Not sure what exactly they’re for, and how to use them? We’re here to help! FlexSack by ABC Polymer supplies two main “types” of sand bags: bulk sand bags and small sand bags.

Here’s a complete breakdown of what type of sand bags are right for your applications and how you can use them on your next project.

What types of projects are sand bags used for?

Sand bags are most commonly used for building projects such as concrete or masonry projects. You may not realize it, but the mortar mix that is used to bind bricks for small and large products is primarily comprised of sand—a specialized product known as masonry sand to be exact! Our bulk sand bags are perfect for transporting these materials to and from your job site and can be fully customized to meet the needs of any masonry project you have in mind. Sand bags eliminate wasted sand, allow used sand to be transported to other jobs, and eliminate the need for site cleanup after the project is complete. Small sand bags can also be used by concrete contractors to build up to form walls for pools, foundations, stairs, or deep pits to reduce the amount of concrete used to pour a job.

Sand bags, both small and bulk, are also extremely useful for limiting erosion and flood control. Our sand bags are used by municipalities and consumers to divert moving water away from buildings and other important structures and reduce the threat of catastrophic flooding. Sand bags can also be a cost-effective and efficient way to create a temporary levee or reinforce a current one.

What are sandbags made from?

Our sand bags are made from woven polypropylene fabric and that’s been treated with a UV inhibitor to ensure they do not break down when exposed to the elements. Woven polypropylene has a very strong load-carrying capability when manufactured correctly, allowing our bulk sand bags to hold up to 4,000 lbs. of material.

What are the benefits of using sand bags?

Sand bags make it a lot easier and more efficient to transport the bulk materials required for masonry projects. They also keep things from getting messy! Sand, dirt, and other types of dry building materials are typically placed on the sidewalk next to the job site. Without a bag to contain them, wind, rain, and other factors can cause the materials to run off on the sidewalks. This runoff is wasted material that could also lead to fines from the EPA or local authorities for storm water runoff contamination! Sand bags contain these materials, making life easier for contractors and the community they’re working in. Not to mention, they look nicer than a pile of dirt on the sidewalk!

Are sandbags expensive?

Since sand bags are made out of readily available materials, they are generally very cost-effective. Contact one of our FlexSack experts to get a quote on the sand bag that’s right for you.

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