Food Bulk Bags

ABC Polymer Industries and its manufacturers guarantee that the raw materials used in the manufacturing of all FIBCs comply with the following recommendations and statutory regulations:  


Excellence in Food Bulk Bags

Our bulk bags are recognized for high-end food grade applications by:

Food Grade Quality Guarantee

Each of our Food Grade bulk bags is:

  • Vacuumed inside and out and reviewed on a light table to prevent contamination
  • Inspected with a metal detector for safety
  • Flat-stitched inside and out for double strength

Recommended Bulk Bag

For the food industry, our recommendations will be based on the intended application. We manufacture bulk bags in a wide range of specifications to fit the needs of every customer.

When considering different options, we recommend taking into account breathability, lining, and coating. If moisture protection is required, we recommend polyethylene lined and foil-lined bags.

Regardless of the type of bag your application requires, all our bags will arrive clean and free of contaminants.

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