Building Materials Bulk Bags

Delivering and/or hauling away building materials and construction debris from jobsites all over the United States is one of the fastest growing applications for our FlexSack bulk bags. Whether it’s for consumer or contractor use, below are some of the most popular applications that our bulk building material bags are used for: 

  • Pre-form Rebar 
  • Cement 
  • Mortar Mix  
  • Masonry Sand 
  • Gravel & Stone 
  • Sports Turf Infill  
  • Mulch & Pine Bark 
  • Bulk Pine Straw 
  • Firewood 
  • Concrete Washout Containment 
  • Garden, Planter Bed, & Rooftop Soil Mix 

        Our customers find that bulk bags are an extremely cost effective and user-friendly option for their jobsite deliveries compared to more traditional methods. Bulk bags allow for increased efficiencies and significant cost savings in transportation and improve sales opportunities in small to medium sized applications.

        These bags are generally a very basic design with either an open, flap, or duffle top and a flat bottom. Uncoated or Coated, these bags are usually sized to accommodate one yard of product with a safe working load of 2,500 lbs. – 3,000 lbs. If single point lifting for an overhead crane or hoist are expected to be used onsite, additional safety features, such as perimeter bands and stevedore straps, are often incorporated.

        If you’re looking to grow your brand, we also have the capability to print your company logo and contact information on up to four sides of the bag.


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