FIBC Dimensions
and Tolerances

A lot of time is spent by our FlexSack experts answering questions regarding bulk bag dimensions and how bag sizes may affect product weight. Determining what size bag will work in your application is one of the most important factors in providing the correct packaging solution, and you need to trust that those dimensions are accurate.

Industry Standard Dimensions

The majority of bulk bags supplied throughout North America are sized based on the standard sizes regularly seen in the industry. Utilizing a bag that matches industry standards for footprint, spout size, loop height, etc. allows customers and end-users many advantages; most notably, more stock bag availability, lower likelihood of supply gaps associated with custom bags, reduced lead times, more efficient operation with filling and discharging equipment due to interchangeability. The industry-standard dimensions for the various components of an FIBC are:

Footprint:           35”x35” for U-Panel or 4-Panel Bags, 36”x36” for Tubular bags
Spout:                 14” Diameter x 18” Long (Fill and Discharge)
Duffle Length:   33”
Loop Height:      10”
Bag Heights:      30” – 70” in 5” Increments

You may see a bulk bag specification that identifies inner dimensions versus outer dimensions. It’s important to understand the difference between ID (Inside Dimensions) vs. OD (Outside Dimensions). A dimension that is provided ID means that the finished bag or component would measure the stated size from the inside of the hemlines. Inversely, dimensions listed as OD would be measured from the outermost edges of the bag or component. The same-sized bag manufactured as ID vs OD could be as much as 2”-2.5” different, which could affect the amount of product weight able to be loaded in the bag.


Since FIBCs are sewn almost exclusively by hand, with very little automation in the assembly process, it’s inevitable that there will be a small sizing discrepancy between bulk bags. Our manufacturing partners follow very strict quality control programs to ensure that those discrepancies are minimal, but we do have to allow tolerances to account for human error. The following chart lists the tolerances for bag weight and the various components of a FlexSack Bulk Bag that we have deemed acceptable within the industry.

Fabric Weight (+/- 5%)
Height (+/- 2cm)
Width (+/- 2cm)
Length (+/- 2cm)
Spout Width (+ 2cm/ – 1cm)
Spout Length (+/- 2cm)
Duffle Length (+/- 2cm)
Loop Height (+ 2cm/ – 1cm)

If you have any questions about your current bulk bag dimensions, please contact one of our FlexSack experts today.


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